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Detrσit Urban Exploration
Okay, I know everyone loves to talk about UE and tell their stories,… 
23rd-Mar-2006 12:10 pm
Okay, I know everyone loves to talk about UE and tell their stories, which is why I need everyone's help. I'm doing a research project for my English class this semester and we had to chose a community we belong to to go out and 'study' so to speak, so I of course chose UE. My teacher's really cool about everything and super-psyched to see my project, but since she can't allow me to go in the buildings for the sake of the project (and then she added "But what I don't know won't hurt me") I'm supposed to be going on memories and interviews with other explorers. This is where you guys come in. I've written pages of stories and stuff about my experiences and my feelings about UE but I need to hear from you guys. Your names can be left anonymous or you can use a pseudonym, whatever, I don't care, I just need your input. So below is a list of questions, and I would love love love it if you would answer them thoroughly and descriptively. I want your best stories, and your deepest feelings. Feel free to add whatever you'd like and build off of other questions if you so desire. Once I type the whole project up, I can post it on here and show you guys how it turned out. And again, I don't have to use your name, so if that's the reason you're uncomfortable sharing, you don't have to be. You can either post it here to share with everyone else, send it to me in a private message or even e-mail me (urbexjunkie@gmail.com). Even if you can only answer a few questions, or only want to answer a few questions, I'll take whatever you can give me, just send me some input and I'll love you forever. Even if you don't explore, you just love the idea of it or whatever, answer what you can and send it to me.

You guys have no idea how much I appreciate this. And anyways, who doesn't love to tell their stories?

+How did you get into Urban Exploration?

+What kept you coming back?

+How long have you been doing it?

+What do you get out of it?/Why do you do it?

+What do you bring? Why?

+Who do you go with, if anyone?

+Personal safety tips/advice?

+What's your favorite thing about exploring?

+How do you prepare for an 'outing'? Do you reasearch the building ahead of time?

+In your opinion, what are the most common risks and dangers involved with exploring and how do you try to prepare for and avoid them?

+What's the first building you ever went to?

+What's your favorite place to go? Why?

+Have you had any close calls or run-ins with security or 'the law'?

+Do you have any funny stories or memories?

+Any stories or memories you'd like to share pertaining to UE.

+Anything else you feel like adding/sharing.

Thank you all so so much.

(x-posted like crazy).
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