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Detrσit Urban Exploration
New theme 
4th-Jun-2006 10:54 pm
Hope everyone likes the new Unearth Detroit theme!

The abandoned house image was taken by me a few years ago. The house is on Trumbull and believe it or not, is my dream home.... or what I would picture my dream home to be, but of course fixed up. Last I checked it looked like someone had bought it and is renovating it!

Other credits go to cirratus.org, fragile-decay and dafont.com.

Just a bit of historical info from The Detroit Almanac (published by the Detroit Free Press, A GREAT READ I might add!): the quote in latin and english is from Father Gabriel Richard ca. June 11, 1805 after the fire that destroyed most of Detroit. It's still a fitting motto for the city.

I also wanted to encourage people to post here! Unfortunatly I live out of state and don't get to participate in Detroit UE anymore :( But I love to hear the stories from other explorers and see the pics of course! So post away please :}

Thanks everyone!
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