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Detrσit Urban Exploration
Creative Collaboration at Qualia Headquarters (QHQ) 
2nd-Dec-2007 04:14 pm
I am giving a little bit of an earlier notice this time.

Happening every week at QHQ above Izzy's Raw Art Gallery in Detroit.

Wednesday - Friday Creative Collaborations.

If you have not been to one yet, you should. If you are planning on coming let me know by calling me or sending me a mesage
Pick a night, come over at 6:30, if you are going to be a little later we can wait for you if you call me.

What you need to bring:

A creative spirit

At least one idea, phrase, song lyric, movie quote, person, place, or thing, etc. on a piece of plain paper folded up so no one can see what it is.

Some refreshments for yourself or to share.

Anything else you may want to bring, music equipment, computer, laptop, art supplies, face paint, etc.

What is already here:

A lot of usable space, wi-fi, assortment of pens markers and pencils, various types of paper and substrates, paints, paint brushes, power tools, a dry erase board, a video camera, some blue screen, fabrics, an old sewing machine, a digital camera, film cameras, computers, printers, screen printing equipment, a sound system, VCR and DVD players, lots of books and lots of music.

The motives:

Leave every meet with a completed project or a schedule to complete one.
(Past projects that were completed included black and white photography in this building and by the freeway, and a short film. Both were based on the subject of the night.)
I am looking to get people motivated to use their creative side for at least one day a week, if not more. Let me know if you are interested and pass this on..

Obects to look for and bring with you....Springs, plastic fruit, can tabs, old cell phones, old t-shirts, rubber bands, cassette tapes, pins of any kind, medicine bottles,used up lighters, dead batteries, bottle caps, old pens and pencils, dying markers, paper, different sizes and colors, etc.....

let me know if you find these.........
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