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30th-Sep-2005 02:07 pm - Article about Brush Park on TDN
Seen this on the TDN website the other day.. lots of cool pics in the gallery of houses in the Brush Park area... Sad story though.


» How to NOT rebuild Detroit
17th-Aug-2005 11:07 pm(no subject)
dc metro
It is my feeling that if given the choice, most Americans would, in 2005, choose to have a city built on commuter rail systems (closer to a Chicago/New York model) than on highway systems (like a Detroit/Houston model). Who agrees or disagrees? And why?

Basically, if you didn't have to drive, would you? And I mean for daily things, like going to school, work, shopping, etc. We're not talking about roadtrips here.
14th-Aug-2005 12:37 pm - Call for models...Today
Well, the two models for today canceled. One of them hurt her ankle dancing at a wedding. Here is the killer, the day is overcast, overcast! There is perfect light everywhere. Anyone near Auburn Hills, MI who wants to set up a shoot email me ( veilofgrey@globalfrontiers.com ) NOW!!!- with "I wanna model" in the subject line. I will dud you up today. Periodically I will check my email. Leave a number to contact you at.

Trying to get in touch withpalegothgoddess to move our shoot up to take advantage of this awesome light. If we shoot at our scheduled time we will still kill but right now, I would have us shoot immediately and hit every location. The world is an oyster right now, I just need a model.

-Kevin the verbose
25th-Jul-2005 01:40 am(no subject)

Detroit's Book-Cadillac Hotel
Graffiti can be seen on the windows on the left side.

"The Michigan House of Representatives proposed the elimination of all state funding for the Michigan Community Service Commission (MCSC)--a state agency that supports service and volunteerism in Michigan--for the 2006 fiscal year. With the state's support, the MCSC leverages more than $6.8 million in federal funds and over 900,000 hours of volunteer service. Now that is all at risk!

Michigan's Governor and State Senate both provided full funding for the MCSC and the House of Representatives cut all $990,000. Now those two positions will be reconciled in a series of conference committee meetings over the course of the summer. These meetings are private and limited in the number of legislators who can be involved. This will require that all legislators understand the stakes for the elimination of the $990,000 in state funding for the MCSC.

If you support service in Michigan and want these human and financial resources to continue in Michigan, please lend your support by signing on to a letter to the Michigan Legislature calling for the restoring of state funding for the Michigan Community Service Commission. See http://www.mnaonline.org/PPupdates/ppupdate109.asp#let. To sign on, send your name, title and name of your organization to taurora@connectmichiganalliance.org and label the subject line "Letter to the Michigan Legislature."

Help support national and community service in Michigan. Support funding for the Michigan Community Serve Commission now!"
27th-Jun-2005 07:42 pm - Detroitfunk Eloise webisode
A friend pointed this out to me today. Detroitfunk did a small webisode on Eloise and mentioned my site :).


Also, check out the entry right below about the Studebaker plant. My Mom told me it burned down and she wasn't kidding. I wonder if it was an accident or arson?
21st-Jun-2005 12:11 pm(no subject)
holy shit. did you guys see what happened to the studebaker plant? that's ridiculous. 5-alarm blaze started at 10 last night and was just finally put out around 7 this morning. it destroyed the entire building, and almost took the old model-t plant/museum with it.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

none of the pictures do it justice.
15th-Jun-2005 07:39 am - Community Literacy Project
Hi! I'm an English Major at Wayne State University and I’m hoping you’d be willing to take a survey that will aid me with my community literacy project.

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