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Detrσit Urban Exploration
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Here's the original link with some pics here.

Hollywood may lose a favorite backdrop

Louis Aguilar / The Detroit News

Just as Michigan aims to become a major film location, it's losing its star attraction: the derelict Michigan Central Depot in southwest Detroit.

On Monday, Gov. Jennifer Granholm signs into law major tax incentives designed to dramatically boost the number of movies shot in Michigan. Yet one of the state's most popular film locations is taking a bow. The crumbling depot's reclusive billionaire owner has decided the old station has seen enough of Hollywood's spotlight.

Closed since Jan. 15, 1988, and thoroughly looted since, the decaying Beaux-Arts, neoclassical façade with its stories of broken windows can be seen in a current commercial for the Spike TV series "DEA." In "Transformers," one of two big-budget Hollywood movies recently shot at the depot, the film climaxes with the villainous Megatron chasing actor Shia LaBeouf through the graffiti-covered lobby and onto the tattered roof of the train station. "The Island," the other big Hollywood movie, featured a car chase roaring through the station.

"Every filmmaker from New York City or L.A. or anywhere, they ask to see the train station," said David Rumble, a film location scout in Detroit who has worked on several films at the station. "It doesn't matter if they are going to shoot there, they just want to see it because it's legend in the film industry. It's so beautiful and haunting."

Janet Lockwood, director of the state's Film Office, also appreciates the depot's ruined glory, saying: "For a post-apocalyptic backdrop, you can't do any better."

But now you can't do it at all. Just as Michigan is poised to launch one of the most aggressive film incentive packages in the nation, the train station's owner says the show won't go on.

"We've been told out of safety concerns," Lockwood said. "'Transformers' was the last film to use the interior."

State film officials say the decision was made by station owner Manuel "Matty" Moroun, the billionaire transportation magnate who also owns the Ambassador Bridge. Repeated calls to Moroun's office were not returned.

On Monday, Granholm will sign into law measures that include tax cuts and credits, loans and production assistance to lure movie, television and digital media producers to Michigan. The film industry generated $4 million in economic impact last year, said Liz Boyd, Granholm's spokeswoman, when six films were shot in the state.

Boyd said similar tax incentives helped created $100 million film industries in Louisiana, New Mexico and Virginia.

By Thursday, the state's film office was reviewing 78 scripts for potential films to be shot in Michigan. There are 15 films with $10 million-plus production budgets considering shooting in Detroit once the new legislation is in place, said Al Fields, the city's deputy chief operating officer and head of the Detroit Film Office. Fields wouldn't say if any of those films wanted to shoot at the train station.

"It's a common request," Fields said, adding that he hopes Moroun can be talked into opening the train station to filming again.

"They're a very cooperative company to work with and pretty smart," Fields said. "I hope that they're thinking they don't want the location to be over-used and people would get tired of seeing it. So maybe it can reappear."

Location scout Rumble described the train station as "the most iconic dead building in the city."

And it may stay that way for years. Next week, the mayor's office is set to release a list of 50 commercial buildings it wants to see demolished. The train station is not on that list, and city officials were at a loss to explain why.Throughout the years, there have been a number of planned and failed renovation attempts, including a convention center, casino, shopping mall and lofts. A few years ago, there was talk of the train station becoming the city police headquarters

"The only real option for that train station is to tear it down, and I have no idea if that is going to happen anytime soon," said George Jackson, head of the Detroit Economic Growth Corp, the quasi-public agency that promotes development in Detroit.

"That is one building, well, let me stop right there," Jackson said. "That is some building."

I am giving a little bit of an earlier notice this time.

Happening every week at QHQ above Izzy's Raw Art Gallery in Detroit.

Wednesday - Friday Creative Collaborations.

If you have not been to one yet, you should. If you are planning on coming let me know by calling me or sending me a mesage
Pick a night, come over at 6:30, if you are going to be a little later we can wait for you if you call me.

What you need to bring:

A creative spirit

At least one idea, phrase, song lyric, movie quote, person, place, or thing, etc. on a piece of plain paper folded up so no one can see what it is.

Some refreshments for yourself or to share.

Anything else you may want to bring, music equipment, computer, laptop, art supplies, face paint, etc.

What is already here:

A lot of usable space, wi-fi, assortment of pens markers and pencils, various types of paper and substrates, paints, paint brushes, power tools, a dry erase board, a video camera, some blue screen, fabrics, an old sewing machine, a digital camera, film cameras, computers, printers, screen printing equipment, a sound system, VCR and DVD players, lots of books and lots of music.

The motives:

Leave every meet with a completed project or a schedule to complete one.
(Past projects that were completed included black and white photography in this building and by the freeway, and a short film. Both were based on the subject of the night.)
I am looking to get people motivated to use their creative side for at least one day a week, if not more. Let me know if you are interested and pass this on..

Obects to look for and bring with you....Springs, plastic fruit, can tabs, old cell phones, old t-shirts, rubber bands, cassette tapes, pins of any kind, medicine bottles,used up lighters, dead batteries, bottle caps, old pens and pencils, dying markers, paper, different sizes and colors, etc.....

let me know if you find these.........
11th-Sep-2006 12:27 am - Fisher Body 21
A couple weeks ago I posted the below picture of the Fisher Body 21, as well as a few others. I've always wanted to get inside to check it out, and today a couple friends and I were successful at doing so. The complete gallery can be found here.

A few select pictures behind the cutCollapse )
4th-Jun-2006 10:54 pm - New theme
Hope everyone likes the new Unearth Detroit theme!

The abandoned house image was taken by me a few years ago. The house is on Trumbull and believe it or not, is my dream home.... or what I would picture my dream home to be, but of course fixed up. Last I checked it looked like someone had bought it and is renovating it!

Other credits go to cirratus.org, fragile-decay and dafont.com.

Just a bit of historical info from The Detroit Almanac (published by the Detroit Free Press, A GREAT READ I might add!): the quote in latin and english is from Father Gabriel Richard ca. June 11, 1805 after the fire that destroyed most of Detroit. It's still a fitting motto for the city.

I also wanted to encourage people to post here! Unfortunatly I live out of state and don't get to participate in Detroit UE anymore :( But I love to hear the stories from other explorers and see the pics of course! So post away please :}

Thanks everyone!
23rd-Mar-2006 12:10 pm(no subject)
Okay, I know everyone loves to talk about UE and tell their stories, which is why I need everyone's help. I'm doing a research project for my English class this semester and we had to chose a community we belong to to go out and 'study' so to speak, so I of course chose UE. My teacher's really cool about everything and super-psyched to see my project, but since she can't allow me to go in the buildings for the sake of the project (and then she added "But what I don't know won't hurt me") I'm supposed to be going on memories and interviews with other explorers. This is where you guys come in. I've written pages of stories and stuff about my experiences and my feelings about UE but I need to hear from you guys. Your names can be left anonymous or you can use a pseudonym, whatever, I don't care, I just need your input. So below is a list of questions, and I would love love love it if you would answer them thoroughly and descriptively. I want your best stories, and your deepest feelings. Feel free to add whatever you'd like and build off of other questions if you so desire. Once I type the whole project up, I can post it on here and show you guys how it turned out. And again, I don't have to use your name, so if that's the reason you're uncomfortable sharing, you don't have to be. You can either post it here to share with everyone else, send it to me in a private message or even e-mail me (urbexjunkie@gmail.com). Even if you can only answer a few questions, or only want to answer a few questions, I'll take whatever you can give me, just send me some input and I'll love you forever. Even if you don't explore, you just love the idea of it or whatever, answer what you can and send it to me.

You guys have no idea how much I appreciate this. And anyways, who doesn't love to tell their stories?

+How did you get into Urban Exploration?

+What kept you coming back?

+How long have you been doing it?

+What do you get out of it?/Why do you do it?

+What do you bring? Why?

+Who do you go with, if anyone?

+Personal safety tips/advice?

+What's your favorite thing about exploring?

+How do you prepare for an 'outing'? Do you reasearch the building ahead of time?

+In your opinion, what are the most common risks and dangers involved with exploring and how do you try to prepare for and avoid them?

+What's the first building you ever went to?

+What's your favorite place to go? Why?

+Have you had any close calls or run-ins with security or 'the law'?

+Do you have any funny stories or memories?

+Any stories or memories you'd like to share pertaining to UE.

+Anything else you feel like adding/sharing.

Thank you all so so much.

(x-posted like crazy).
21st-Feb-2006 09:30 pm(no subject)
we don't need any more monoliths of urban decay, white flight and city corruption in Detroit. [see: Belle Isle aquarium, Belle Isle zoo, Michigan Central, Tiger Stadium, etc...]

let's not allow the Detroit City Council to close the Detroit Zoo.

this petition may help, but lets keep talking about it after we sign it, kids.

11th-Jan-2006 08:56 pm(no subject)
who posted about sending letter to that guy in jail?

i'm interested in talking to him, but i can't find the post with his address or anything.. honestly, i can't even remember what community it was posted in which is why this is xposted like mad.

if you posted that and you're reading this, it's be excellent if you could e-mail me: urbexjunkie@gmail.com

thanks for the time guys, sorry about the random post.
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